Monday, July 18, 2011

To wake the baby or not.... I'm taking a brief hiatus from writing (if that wasn't obvious before)  BUT....I need some good ol' mom advice!

Jack is approaching four months.  At three months he rolled over for the first time (belly to back)---and within days was rolling both ways....and all over the place during the night.  (shockingly I have yet to actually see him roll over in person!)  He still likes to be swaddled to fall asleep (but gets mad if it's too tight that he can't bust out and roll over!)---but he'll still roll to his belly to sleep. 

As a result, he's napping...for hours.  Maybe it's a growth spurt...maybe I'm hyper-concerned that he's too skinny....maybe this is just what babies do....

But, do I wake him to eat?  To I let him sleep until he indicates he's ready to eat (even if that means going 5 hours?)

While Lucy was rolling at three months, she never rolled to her belly in the middle of the night until well past 6 months.....she was also a cat napper and never slept longer than an hour or so.  Also, Lucy was supplemented with formula and breast milk (but essentially we always knew how much she was eating)

Lucy went through a skinny phase as well (shocking!) at this exact time that I feel Jack is on the light side.

We don't go to the doctor for another few I'm not sure how much Jack weighs (and I'm not real interested in lugging both kids out the door to try and get a weight)

So, do I let him sleep?  Do I wake him?  Do I keep pumping milk every four hours if he doesn't wake?


  1. How long are his stretches at night? How many feedings per day?

  2. You could always weigh him by weighing yourself holding him/not holding him and subtracting the difference.