Friday, September 17, 2010

13 weeks and odds and ends

I think I'm going to do the survey every 4 weeks...maybe up until things are really different each week :) And no photo (as of yet) because, well, I look like I feel...which has not been great this week.

Nausea has mostly been replaced with headaches---though the vicious head cold that invaded Lucy and I this week has been the least fun. Lucy and I got some sun on Monday with a quick trip to the library and the grocery store---and again yesterday with a quick drive around town. I'm hoping we can both get out for a few hours this afternoon

Since most of my time has been spent on the couch or in bed when Lucy is sleeping, I managed to read a library book in about three days and get some work done on a new excel budget we are going to try out. We've been using a nifty excel sheet I designed for well over a year now and are ready to try out some more in-depth planning. We work with a pretty limited income and want to be diligent to account for every penny spent. Not to mention, it's kind of encouraging to see areas we've continued to lower our budget...I think it encourages us to keep cutting costs!

Speaking of which, we're working on lowering our grocery budget each month and were hoping to try and get by with $160/month for groceries. We're right at $100 spent right now, which is a little over where I'd like to be at this point in the month, but that's included two last minute runs to the gas station for milk---which is arguably more expensive & snacks for various events we've been to lately. Also, we did some stock up on some lean meat last week--which drove up our spending.

We're loving the food from our freezer. Between the homeade smoothies ready to go for an afternoon snack--all the way to the pan on enchiladas that just needed to be put in the oven last night for a great's nice, especially this month. We've done well eating through a lot of our items and are working on a list for what we want to try/keep next month.


  1. Interesting that the gas station is more expensive for milk - it's usually a full $1 cheaper for us!

    What sort of pans are you using for your freezer food? Foil I would assume, and if so, where are you getting them?

  2. We bought a package of foil pans at Costco before Lucy was born and I used some of those for the enchiladas and lasagna, freezer bags for the burritos, press and seal for the subs and breakfast sandwiches, and ziploc bags for the homeade hashbrowns. It's a mod-podge of containers :)

  3. I love press'n'seal! We have a hard time finding it here. I'll have to check out Sams for the foil pans. Thanks for the lessons!