Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"make" your own maternity wear!

Baby #2 is on their way and that means maternity clothes are slowly replacing my "normal wear" in my closet. With my daughter, my wardrobe was a lot of business maternity wear...which is cute and professional, but not really practical when I'm chasing her down and grabbing her hand before her finger officially goes into the electical outlet. :)

However, I am a sucker for comfy AND dressy attire. I love skirts paired with t-shirts and they are easy to stick a pair of leggings under in the winter time.

I had a few old dresses that didn't quite fit right in the chest after my first pregnancy and were in the "must sale" bag due to their immodest new nature.

But then I remembered stumbling on a blog that had converted a sundress into a maternity skirt (can't remember where now--but this was totally their idea!) Anyways, I took that idea and added my own spin to it!

I wish I had more photos of the progress, but this is what I've got.

I took sundresses and either cut (or used a seam ripper) to remove the zipper from the dress. I also took old stretchy tank tops that were too short and cut off the neck and arms. I pinned the shirt onto the skirt, right sides together. I sewed them together at the waist pulled the shirt right side out and voila! a skirt with a roll-top maternity panel!