Monday, March 7, 2011

BOTW & 37 weeks

So, my best deal this week is NOT diapers or wipes :)  Last week Lucy and I needed some fresh air so we ran a few errands and stopped by the mall to take a look at the Gymboree clearance.  I had a 20% off coupon, but wasn't sure I'd find much.  I managed to find four shirts (some for Lucy/some for baby) & a zip up hooded sweatshirt.  My total was set to be $20 for all 5 items when I remembered that I had a $5 off rewards coupon in my email that I hadn't printed.  Shocker!  (I've been very forgetful lately...)  I asked the sales lady about it and she let me pull my email up on my phone and then typed in the code!

All in all my total was around $16 for all 5 items :)  Who says name brand kids clothes have to be expensive?


Also last week we reached the 37 week mark.  The doctor checked me and called me 25% effaced with a closed cervix.  However, I had been checked at the hospital at 33 weeks and they called me "about a "1", since it doesn't really matter, I'm sticking with the "1" :) We are all still expecting a 9lb + baby...which, despite not looking forward to giving birth to a baby of that size, I personally find chubby babies are a bit cuter when born...of course, I might be a little partial :)

The consistent contractions I had been having seemed to have stopped the last few days--not sure if that's the "calm before the storm" or an indication that we are in for the long haul, but I'd prefer not to be having contractions unless they are serving a purpose.

Otherwise, I'm really trying to focus my energy on enjoying this last little bit of time just with Lucy.  As I told my husband last night, she'll never again be my "only child"....and this time is special.  I need to not wish it away out of physical discomfort, but treasure each day and moment that I can just focus on her.

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