Monday, March 14, 2011

BOTW & Waiting on baby....

My bargain of the week from last week is a simple one.  As I didn't do much shopping other than stopping to pick up butter for $1.99 and peanut butter for .99 from Hy-Vee (also bargains of the week!), my favorite deal has to be the Chipotle burrito I enjoyed that same night.

I'm a rice/beans/cheese kind of gal when it comes to my favorite burrito toppings--which almost always means a reduced charge.  I have never, however, gotten my burrito for this cheap.  I give you the .89 burrito :)  (and yes, it looks like it is coming out of my face...)  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how we are charged for this burrito, but I'll take .89 ANY day. 

In other news, we are waiting on baby.  I'm 10 days away from my due date and feeling it.  We've had several "oh these contractions might be real and we might end up in the hospital" moments---but no such luck.  Truth be told, I'm physically exhausted, but also really content waiting on the baby.  I'd prefer a delivery on a Thursday or Friday to maximize my husband's time off...and we're really enjoying our time as a family of three.  Each extra day is helping us get one more odd project done, run one last errand, enjoy one last night of solid sleep & be able to take off and only have ONE kiddo to keep track of.

So we are preparing in the midst of our waiting----stocking up on Lucy's snacks, household essentials & coffee and soda for those first few weeks.  We're putting finishing details on the baby's room, keeping up on laundry/cleaning & re-organizing little areas throughout our house.  We ran several errands yesterday and I'm hoping that with the exception of a quick run to the grocery store this week, we'll be set for awhile.

We're all anxious to meet this next baby---but I also want to be intentional about not wishing away these last several days with Lucy. 

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