Monday, February 13, 2012

LOVED "Loving the Little Years"

I know I said I would update on that whole “all cash budget” thing….and why part of our home is overrun with “hoarders material”-----but I finished my way through a book this week that I just cannot keep from sharing with every mother of young children that I know.

This book has been so thought provoking, challenging, convicting, encouraging, etc.  My husband and I have been wrestling through some parenting thoughts lately and this book articulated what I desire for our approach….and SO much more.

It’s fabulous.  I don’t gain anything from saying it.  But it is…it’s fabulous.

There are a few negative reviews on Amazon…. likely the typical “I don’t like feeling preached at” or “this book makes me feel bad about myself”

Give me a moment to jump on my "it's-my-blog-so-i-can-say-this" soapbox....ahem.  I (sometimes) hear arguments from people (or read them on reviews of books) that just really make me scratch my head.  Generally, aside from times when a book may be in obvious disharmony with the Gospel, I think if I’m feeling “guilty” after reading a book, it’s a fairly good indication that either a.) I’m being far too sensitive or b.) there’s something that I need to be a changin’.  Sure, there are a few things in this book I may not be in agreement with the author on (like how frequently they spank in their home), but overall---those are just very insignificant differences in opinion that do not impair the message of the book.  This book doesn't speak much to her struggles---and so I can totally understand why some have felt that it can feel a bit like a sermon at times....but, I didn't feel that way. 

So, do yourself a favor and give this book a chance. 

You need to be pointing them to His law as you explain yours.  God said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” so Mama says, “you may not hit one another.””

“….We are laying the foundation.  Keep an eye on the time when they will be free of your law-you want them to have learned to love God’s.”

“as you deal with your children, deal with yourself always and first.  This is what it looks like and feels like to walk with God as a mother.”

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