Saturday, October 2, 2010

15 weeks (a few days late...)

(I'll answer the survey questions next week---I think I'll do those every 4 weeks...and maybe I'll be able to get a belly picture again!)

So to mark the celebration of being 15 weeks along...cause I mean, it's like less than 1/3 of the way, right?? :) Anyways...we made a pit stop to the Doctor's after hours office last night because the cramping had increased and the OB on call thought it wise to see if I had an infection. A few abnormal cells--but nothing to indicate an infection. So, lots of fluids and lots of "takin' it easy" this weekend to see if the cramping reduces.

With this past weekend being not high on rest, we all went into the week worn out and it's been downhill since. My husband stayed home to work on Thursday morning which allowed me to get some much needed rest and take away some of the cramps throughout my body.

I've been nauseous everyday this week...I really thought we were passed that and all of a sudden it's back and I've brought back the saltine's and pregnancy pops.

But, we're excited! We're talking about whether or not Baby #2's gender will be a suprise---right now we're leaning towards not finding out with this pregnancy...and that's made things a bit interesting to think/dream about! I can't believe in a matter of months ( 5 months) we'll have a second little one to snuggle with! What a great unexpected blessing!


  1. Dude, we are totally on board for 'not finding out' whenever our second comes along. I hope you go for the surprise- but I know you all will make the best choice for you ;)

  2. Um, yes. I'd like to throw my vote into the hat...because I know MY vote totally counts in YOUR pregnancy. Find out what your having. I want to know. K, thanks.

  3. Kat, did you know with Jackson? We were going to find out until we had one of each--but for some reason we're thinking of going the suprise route this time.

    Andrea, I chuckled when I saw this :) Of course YOUR opinion really was what we were waiting for. It'll be taken under heavy consideration.

  4. Yes- we found out with Jackson. They do ultrasounds every visit and I was asking at the first one ;) After having one baby it just doesn't seem like a NEED to know kinda thing. . .:) and just think how fun it will be to drive everyone nuts (myself included)! Surprises are f.u.n!