Sunday, October 3, 2010

so, how'd we do?

At the beginning of September we set out with the goal of spending less than $160 on groceries for the whole month ($40 a week)

We've continued to cut spending in all areas, but our grocery budget has always been a struggle to really cut significantly.

Well, the total is in and we spent $164.72 for the entire month. Now I'll admit we ate out more than normal this month, but honestly I don't think that affected our grocery spending. We still have many items in the freezer ready to be eaten and many items in the pantry for the making of more meals.

We're hoping to continue cutting the budget in the next few months--but this month we are headed on vacation and will be buying groceries for the trip and in Florida--so I expect some higher spending.

All in all, we're pleased. We attribute a lot of our "success" to having a handful of freezer meals ready to go, adding to our stockpile of pantry staples throughout the month, and shopping for the best prices.


  1. Awesome job! You're doing much better than me!

  2. We just have a very large stockpile we've been able to eat off as well--I imagine not all months will look so pretty---especially when we need to stock up on meat. I'm happy with it---and happy that I have a list of 8 meals I can cook and the only ingredients I need to buy to complete the meals is a pound of hamburger and a can of baked beans :)