Thursday, October 7, 2010

16 weeks, aka 4 months pregnant!

(so, the baby belly is come and go...but this week we're definitely noticing that it's starting to harden up, as in, take shape and not just look chubby all the time :)

Size of baby? Avocado

Total weight gain/loss? Zero pounds--as of my visit to urgent care a few days ago

Gender? Don't know & probably won't be finding out!

Maternity clothes? Yes! And LOVE them. God bless the inventor of stylish maternity clothes....and men's sweats that sneak out of my husband's drawer and into mine :)

Movement? Thought I might have felt something the other night laying in bed--but can't be sure

Sleep? Getting some finally

Symptoms? No nausea to note this week and the cramps have let up...just super sleepy....

What I miss? lifting Lucy without worrying about it giving me a side stitch

Cravings? Sweet tarts.

Best Moment this week? Realizing on the way to the library that I'm going to have TWO babies in a matter of months!

Looking forward to? Our trip to Florida!

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