Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm so happy you were born: Cotton Babies Contest

I've hinted around a bit that my husband and I have taken the plunge into cloth diapering.  With Jack's recent arrival...and Lucy still very much in diapers, the cost was just far too much for our pocketbooks (do people still use that term???) for us to keep up with.

Enter cloth diapers.

We've been adding a few items to our stash and have tried pockets, flats, pre-folds, Flips, AIO, etc....Our current favorites are Bum Genius Pockets (we purchased two of these during a "seconds sale"), pre-folds with Thirsties covers & my husband LOVES the Flips!  The details of how cloth is going for us & what this experience has been like will come at a later time (check back later this week!)

And now we REALLY want to be able to add to that stash, courtesy of one fabulous company we've already ordered from.  Cotton Babies is doing a pretty great contest right now, and we have entered to be a part of it.

You have to hurry if you'd like to enter yourself as the deadline is TOMORROW.  See their site for details, but basically...they just want you to spend 250 words detailing why you are happy your child was born.  Narrowing it down to 250 words was the hard part for me.

Here's ours:


I’m glad you were born because you have made life more exciting & refreshing for your Daddy and I. You have taught me the value of perseverance every time I watch you work to figure out a new toy…or when I watch you from a distance as you drag your stroller into the kitchen to reach the counter for a “snack.” You have taught me what it means to be a committed friend every time you search high and low for your stuffed elephant before watching a movie, taking a car trip, or eating lunch. You have taught me not to take myself seriously…and that being covered in mud is FUN. You show me that Monday mornings don’t have to be terrible, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to start dancing to music by 7:00 am. You have shown me that a smile to a stranger can go a long way in brightening their day….and that raising your arms and growling at them like a lion can go even further. You have shown me that money can’t buy happiness, and that you’re most happy playing with toilet paper, cereal boxes & the most recent lint from the dryer. You show me daily that what I think is “important” is always trivial…and that the dishes & laundry will still be there tomorrow, but the current game of peek-a-boo will not. But mostly I’m so glad that you were born because I needed your personality, laughter, kisses, and infectious smile in my life.

So, get your thinking cap on and head on over HERE to enter this contest yourself!

And if you'd like...feel free to mention just how awesome you think we might be on their facebook page.  This by no means earns us anything extra (at least I don't think it does...) But it sure is fun to feel supported!

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