Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our cloth diaper "stash"....

The Laundry supplies...
Last week I shared a lot of the "why" we chose to make the leap into cloth diapering.  Today I present the "what" & the "how" of the equation....via photos.  For the most part, we wanted to be as economical as possible.  Now, I had found tutorials on how to make my own diapers & had even been offered tutorials.  But I didn't have the material necessary...nor the skill, really.  Additionally, even I had those two things--I didn't have time & patience to make enough diapers to put two kiddos into cloth.  After a LOT of research and talking with other cloth-diapering families, we decided on trying out prefolds & covers for the bulk of our stash.

diaper rite prefolds: NB, Small, Medium, & Large

Econobum One-size covers.  Lucy wears hers unsapped,
Jack's gets snapped all the way down

Other covers: Rumparooz one-size, Thirsties Duo-Wrap,
Bummis super lite

NB flip insert, one size insert, FLIP cover
In the midst of purchasing prefolds, I also decided to try some of the Flip inserts out.  These just lay inside of a diaper cover--and they're probably the easiest way we have of cloth diapering.  I love them for Lucy, but they are too huge for Jack.  I ended up purchasing some newborn Flip inserts for Jack--and aside from the occasional poop leak, these have been a really trim way to have him in cloth.

I also really wanted to give flats a shot after hearing so much about them.  Having no money to spare, I ended up purchasing flour sack towels from Wal-Mart & Target for $1 a pi
ece.  I can fold these nicely for a good fit on Jack and I can pad fold them and line a diaper cover on Lucy.  I love these!  They are super economical & easy to wash. 

These are my fleece liners & homeade flannel wipes.  The wipes are still a work in progress.  The fleece liners are sometimes inserted into a prefold or flat in order to wick away moisture from Jack or Lucy's bottom.

We ended up adding a few pockets to our stash as free "gifts with purchase" when I purchased X amount of dollars in diapers & when I purchased two separate nursing bras.  A HUGE bonus for us.  Later I purchased two Bum Genius pockets in a "seconds" sale for half off & two Kawaii brand pockets (they're good for the price!).  I also added a Bum Genius AIO for Lucy that I also found half off.  These pocket diapers are all still very huge on Jack, but have worked wonderfully on Lucy.  I am a huge fan of the Bum Genius pockets...and hope one day I'll be able to add to that collection.

The laundry...ugh.  I've tried a few different soaps & Rockin' Green was the clear winner (so far..)  I do laundry every other day.  Dirty diapers for Lucy get dunked & sprayed with Bac-Out..while Jack's just usually get a quick spray with Bac-out.  All diapers go into one of our Rumparooz wetbags until laundry day.  I do a cold soak/rinse with a small amount of Rockin' Green....followed with a hot wash & double rinse with Rockin' Green.  On nice days, everything gets hung out on the line to dry & everything but the covers get tossed in the dryer to fluff afterwards.

How we organize: Lucy's on top, pockets & flips in the middle
Jack's on bottom.  Drawer has fleece liners, and extras

My favorites?  I LOVE my Thirsties duo wrap cover for Jack...perfect for his little waist.  I also love the NB diaper rite prefolds on him.  For Lucy I love the Bum Genius pockets & pad folded flour sack towels.

So yeah...this is what we're using for now...and what works for us now.  I'm hoping to add to the stash to get us in FULL time cloth diapers (right now we're using disposables a few times a day still)

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