Tuesday, March 6, 2012


whoa?  March?  already?

*cough* not prepared for time to go by this quickly *cough*.

Here's a brief check-in of what last month held for me:

The habit I worked on was stickin' with an all cash budget

The "new" thing I set out to do was homemade marinara sauce.  Didn't accomplish this one, but I did manage to make my own bodywash, try a new laundry detergent recipe & make granola bars from scratch.

The organizational projects: Went through our bookshelf and cleaned that up, cleaned out under our bathroom sink and started on the massive upstairs project---this project is massive and...ongoing.  I spent an entire weekend sorting and packing away all of our outgrown children's clothes...which amounted to 18 totes.  yup.  EIGHTEEN!

The books: Finished "Loving the Little Years" & "Eat that Frog".  Working my way through "7:an Experimental Mutiny Against Excess"

So...March is here!  Which means planning a first birthday party for my sweet lil' guy.  We're also attempting to potty train our super stubborn sweet daughter.

The habit I'm working on for March: My husband and I are both seeking to cultivate a more purposeful prayer life.  I'm doing the 31 days of Praying for your husband & we are working in other areas to really bring much more intentionality to our prayer lives

The "new" things to try: homemade marinara sauce, homemade whole wheat bread & homemade refried beans (did this last week--yum!)

The organizational projects: Finish the dormer....and work on our closets, freezers & pantry

The books: Finish "7: an experimental mutiny against excess", re-start "Sacred Marriage" with the husband.

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