Saturday, July 24, 2010

trial and error....

This seems to be the reoccurring theme in my life ever since I quit my full-time job to pursue all things domestic.

In theory I actually appreciate recipes, instructions, lessons, and advice.

In real life however....I've come to loathe all of the above.

If I cook (which Mr.B graciously does most of that) it's usually a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of adventure. Sometimes my meal works and sometimes the concoction fails....miserably.

Trial and error.

I have the biggest desire in the world to become a woman who loves to sew and can just look at her sewing machine and magically a perfect design will just pop out of it. However, I just unwrapped the machine and chucked the instructions. They were clearly written for people who were already quite familiar with how to "thread a bobbin." I have plenty of women in my life who have offered to help me in this area (and one of these days I'll be humble enough to ask them--but for now, I feel like it'd really be a punishment for them to "teach" me to sew)


Ah, and life as a to successfully get Lucy to nap like a champ, take milk from a sippy cup, stop using a pacifier, and learn how to walk. From day one Lucy made it quite clear that no amount of sleep training, cry it out, soothing, etc could convince her to take a nap....I have no stinkin' idea why some days she'll fall asleep with not even a whimper and the next day she's screaming her head of while tossing everything out of her crib.


And so I'm learning to accept the fact that this domestic gig, like every other area of my life, is going to be a complete work in progress. Sometimes I'm going to blow it--and sometimes I'm going to pull out a victory. I just have to keep trucking along and not play the "compare your domestic goddess skills to my domestic mess skills".

Afterall, I may not be able to get my daughter to nap consistently, but she does giggle every time she eats a bite of banana. I'm guessing not to many people can claim that as a success story out of their home.

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  1. The giggles are the best successes!
    Keep your chin up, even the best domestic goddesses were once domestic messes!