Wednesday, July 28, 2010

baby steps.

For weeks my husband and I have been subtly encouraging our daughter to take steps without gripping to our finger for support. And today without warning, she took her first few solo steps and the only words I had were "oh my goodness! You're walking!!!!" Would you believe that after months of anticipation I almost missed this monumentous occasion because I was trying to get her to sit still so I could take a picture of her holding these flowers? Ridiculous.
It's funny how I feel like I can relate so much to how Lucy's been acting today. Since her discovery that she can move standing up she's spent all day trying to remember how she got from point A to point B on her own. I've watched her all afternoon as she'll get herself into the standing position and a look of confusion washes over her as she just can't quite figure out what to do next. She looks to me for reassurance and I smile and tell her "you can do it!"
I want my daughter to be brave and to know that even if she falls down or gets a few bumps along the way, she has me cheering her on. I want her to know that life is a journey and that every baby step, bump, bruise, obstacle or person she encounters along that way is just meant to teach her more about the journey we are all on.
Watching my daughter step out in faith is just the encouragement my adult heart needs today.

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