Friday, July 16, 2010

Two questions I ask...

Tonight I was discussing with my husband how I've discovered there are two very important "mom" questions I've found myself asking...

1.) What's in your mouth?

2.) Did you poop?

(quick rewind---my husband asks these exact same questions---apparently it's not just a mom thing?!?)

The first question usually takes a bit of investigating to see what, if anything, is currently being treated as a tasty snack. The second however...well, let's just say if I'm asking the question--I already probably have a fair amount of evidence to support my suspicion.

Am I alone in this?

I feel like my conversations (well, I suppose it's not so much a conversation when the opposite person just smiles and crawls away when you ask a question--but still...) um, so--scratch conversations--I feel like I spend a majority of my day trying to discover what my daughter put into her body, and unfortunately, what might be coming out. (sorry if that's a little too personal for some of you--just trying to keep it real!)

Some recent discoveries that Lucy's tried to ingest include parts of her board book, random cheerios, wood chips, grass, and the wrapper off a bar of soap. Thankfully I watch her like a hawk and wisk things out of her mouth usually as quickly as she gets them in.


I guess I just have to chalk this up as a lil' girl exploring her very big world.

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