Saturday, November 5, 2011

Husband said what?

I mentioned the other day of being without new clothing items and living day to day in the husband's sweats.  They are practical, comfy & hey...if I'm changing my clothes every time I get spit up on, I'd prefer it not be something "nice". 

I think the clothing rut and my own personal appearance "rut" go hand in hand.  Most days I shower with an infant in a bouncy seat right outside the shower and my toddler coming in and out opening the door to tell me "hello", "wove you", "see you ater", "buh-bye".....literally....about 50 times in one 5 minute shower.

And that's if I'm lucky.  Some days my toddler will strip down and climb on in because she loves to play in the water. 

So my shower time is short and sweet and my personal prep time if we're just going to be around the home or running short errands is about the same length.

But, the other day I was feeling up to the challenge of blow-drying & straightening my hair AND applying make-up, just to sit at home. And so I did.....

...and then I waited for the moment my husband would burst through the door and comment on the fact that I looked "so beautiful" & "wow, I can see you really put some time into getting ready today!"

He arrived home and nothing.  So I tossed my hair to the side in a "do you notice anything different?" sort of manner....

And in the most sincere tone he responded, "something is different....Oh, did you wash your hair today?"


I returned to the ponytail the following day.

(after my sister in law left her comment, I thought I ought to edit this real quick as I realized this post makes my husband sound terrible!  I SHOULD have made it known that my husband prefers the "comfy" look to the "all dressed up" look and that after guessing wrong the first time, he nailed it with "you straightened your hair!"  He's a wonderful...WONDERFUL man who makes it clear that he finds me beautiful...ponytail and all)  :)


  1. If I was any closer, I'd drive in and shake the daylights out of him!
    And then I'd hug you and say "No matter if anyone notices, if it makes you feel better - do it!" (That's what my playgroup has decided - we might be cleaning spit off of dry-clean only sweaters, but if it makes us feel good, we'll wear it!)

  2. Ha! No need! I just went in and edited my post because I realized that I made him sound like a jerk---and he totally isn't (and wasn't being one)---it was more comical than anything, really! I don't have dry--clean only items, and I do love to be comfy, prefer it actually, to being all dressed up. I find I'm more productive when I'm "comfy" :) But I do feel good if I get a nice shower in!

  3. Thank you for the edit - I was sure our mother had raised him better! :)

  4. I prefer to be in sweats if I'm at home (it's like you said, if I am going to have to change out of the spit-up clothes every 5 minutes, I'd rather be changing in and out of clothes I don't have any particular fondness for!) But with that said, the rest of your post just made me die laughing ;) My hubby is similar in that even if he NOTICES I put makeup on, he really could care less. So if we're going out, I put on makeup because I want to feel pretty. But if I'm staying in with the baby? Forget about it ;)