Tuesday, November 8, 2011

one week

I'm getting this post up just in time....because for once, I'm so dedicated to completing a simple goal I've set that I'm here at 11:30pm---with very little to say, a baby crying in the background, a killer sinus headache & a husband that's just trying to take care of us all and get us to bed.

But I promised myself that I was going to carry forth this month with the determination that the postal service has...and if they can deliver my numerous credit card offers, arby's coupons, grocery store ads & mail for someone else to my house each day----then I can certainly sit down in front of my computer and type whatever nonsense I have to share.

Today, today you just get that.  The change in time and weather has done a number on our household.  Sleep is all sorts of off, our littlest one seems to be perpetually sick & I'm battling a sinus headache going on three days.

But you know, we are THANKFUL that this is all that is going down in this household. 

According to some facebook statuses we've been reading, many of our friends are dealing with stomach bugs (and their children the same!) and that is one bug that is not welcome in our home.

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  1. Thankfulness is a great choice, and it's not always easy. Whoever thought changing the clocks was a good idea didn't have a toddler, that's for sure.