Friday, December 3, 2010

What Lucy's been up to....

I feel like our toddler is busy trying to grow up very quickly. She is starting to say new words, but we don't always hear them more than once after she says them the first time. :) We are working on that....

Lucy is very into wearing hats, mittens, and fuzzy socks lately. Part of that is enjoying dressing up, part of it is the drop in temperature. She loves bringing us oven mitts to wear and has a new purse that she likes to carry around and fill with items.

Her rocking chair is her favorite place these days. She stands in it and looks out the window, piles her animals in and out of it (and her diapers), and yesterday I found an empty milk jug sitting in the chair with her animals. Awesome.

She LOVES her daddy....she runs to the door when he gets home and lately the wind blowing so hard has tricked her several times into thinking daddy's home when he really isn't. They snuggle and watch cartoons in the morning and he handles bath time and storytime before bed. The other night Daddy had to work late and she just kept carrying her book to the door and pointing and asking for Da-Da....REALLY sad to watch. :(

She has said (for a while now) ma-ma, da-da, & duck. We now hear: no, yeah, juus (juice), nanna, whoa, what, arf (dog), uv you (love you). Again, sometimes only once or twice...except for "no", we hear that one A LOT. When asked to say "please" for a snack, she just lifts her shirt and points to her belly. That's our fault (and Yo Gabba Gabba's...for the whole song "there's a party in my tummy...)

She blows kisses to EVERYONE, gives kisses on the mouth when she feels like it, has had a few "time-outs" recently, loves to hold hands and guide you places, enjoys throwing things in the toilet and trashcan, starts the vacuum frequently and runs away, and chews on her crib (has LITERALLY ate a chunk out of her very nice crib) and books. She is active--and we love it!

She has an incredible personality and we are trying to get her to say please and thank you. (but right now she just points to her belly when she wants to eat something) :) We let her feel my belly and we talk to the baby. But she just says "yeah" and sticks her finger in my belly button. We've been trying to get her to say some of the baby names we like--I told Jon whichever she says first we'll go with.

She isn't the type to sit and watch TV--but she will occassionally watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She much prefers being on the go...all. day. long. :)

She'll usually nap mid-morning for at least an hour--sometimes two. That is her ONLY naptime of the day. In the afternoon she gets "quiet" time in her crib and I put on Sesame Street DVD's for her to watch. This lasts about 30-45 minutes. She has fallen asleep on occasion during those times. We try and get her to bed by about 8pm and she is still waking up at least once a night...and has been waking up anywhere from 6-7am. Usually at 6 if Daddy isn't ready to be up, she gets some milk and her sesame street DVD's then too...which she loves :)

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  1. Put some pants on that child - it's freezing! :)
    As for please and thank you - we couldn't get our kids to say it on a regular basis until we taught them the sign language version. Have you tried that?
    She's super cute and we miss her!