Friday, February 4, 2011

33 weeks

How is that even possible?

I'm having (another) baby next month!

In the past two weeks my nesting has definitely kicked in (added with the fact that I think the iron supplements might be helping my energy finally & I'm not working from home right now...)  I cleaned out our entire linen closet, re-organized our stockpile, made a note of what items I needed to start stocking back up on, etc...  I then moved onto the laundry room and did similar work on those shelfs, as well as asked my husband to move the washing machine so I could mop & scrub the sides of the machine clean.  Because, how on earth could I bring a baby home if the sides of my washing machine were not clean?!?!  :)

There are many more areas on my "to tackle" stay tuned :)

As for me + baby....

-Movement is slowing down and is much more purposeful (read: less kicking and more shifting from side to side...)
-Still having a lot of lower pressure and into my legs
-I move a LOT at night...can't seem to get comfortable (or warm enough?)...and when I do, I'm having to get up and go to the bathroom
-I have been craving milk like crazy.  I never...ever...drink milk.  But something about milk +graham crackers lately has really been hitting the spot.

I've expressed before my huge desire for wanting breastfeeding to actually work this time....or maybe I just really want to redeem the experience?  I'll be honest, when it was all said and done, I did not enjoy breastfeeding Lucy at all.  It was problematic, frustrating & not successful.  I've been reading some breastfeeding books I found at the library as well as talking with my doctor a lot---our hope is to curb the problems we had last time early on so that nursing CAN be successful this time!


  1. Next month! Still blows my mind :)

    I usually get a little crazy with the 'nesting' too. . .though Andy just says it's an excuse to make him help me get things I already wanted done around the house- I remember with Jackson the craziest thing was cleaning out the window wells to the basement- and moving every piece of furniture to vacuum under it. . but really that needs to be done, right? :)

    I'm a big milk drinker anyway but durring pregnancy it skyrockets! Something about chocolate milk is necessary most nights :) Is it milk that hinders or helps iron absorption?

    I have total confidence you will make breastfeeding work this time. Sounds like you have lots of reading materials but I have quite a few breastfeeding books if you want to borrow any, just let me know. I didn't read ALL of them, but my fav was The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding- it was super helpful to refrence after Jackson was born. lol. I hope I haven't already told you that a million times :)

    Can't wait to see your little guy/gal!

  2. I wish you luck breastfeeding!! You may find that the second time around is completely different. John and I had a rough beginning, but Mark came out ready to go and we have had a wonderful nursing experience. So wonderful that we will celebrate our two year boob-iversary at the end of this month and I see no true end in sight. :)

  3. Katherine--The Womanly Art is one of the books I checked out! Milk hurts iron absorption, BUT--I'm taking my iron pill in the morning and the craving comes at I think I'm good! (I'm supposed to be taking two iron pills a day...but so far have only worked my body tolerance up to one!)

    Hannah--Thanks for the well wishes! I'm SO hopeful this time and my doctor and I have talked a lot about it. That's awesome that Mark has taken to nursing so well! We had SUCH a rough time with Lucy and had to supplement the entire seven months I even attempted to nurse her. This time around I know what issues we encountered (some were unavoidable like her severe jaundice)--but as for the avoidable ones, I'm trying to be more pro-active to help us get off to a less bumpy start~!