Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So many people love her...

Last night my husband and I had to make an unexpected visit to L&D Triage.  I had fallen earlier in the day while holding Lucy and was having a lot of contractions.  I had mentioned on facebook about my "mishap" (read: tripped over my daughter's flipped over play grocery cart and fell forward with her in my arms) 

A friend from church had commented that we were welcome to bring Lucy over if we needed to go get checked (and she just lives up the road!)  Well, after a quick chat with the doctor on call, there was no way out...we had to go get checked.  We dropped Lucy off at the friend's home without knowing when we'd be back to get her (it was already almost 9pm at this point.)

An hour into monitoring, the nurse informed us the doctor would have us monitored for an additional 3 hours.  We decided to pick Lucy up from the friends home and Jonathan would meet my brother-in-law and drop her off to spend the night with her Aunt & Uncle...and four cousins :)

We are so very thankful to the friend that volunteered her home & help late at night!  What a blessing!  We were also thankful that my brother-in-law was willing to drive 30 minutes to pick his niece up (at 11:30pm).  (The plan is for Lucy to stay with them when we go into actual labor...which is hopefully a ways away!)

Anyways, the whole scenario made me feel so blessed to have people in our lives that love us & our family...and that unselfishly do what they can to help in the midst of random situations.  I knew Lucy was well cared for in both situations....which is an awesome feeling when you're having to leave your kiddo and not sure when you'll be back.

I'm thankful that we have family "close" enough that Lucy knows them & loves them as much as they love her.  I'm thankful that she feels comfortable in my sister's home and knows just where to go to find her favorite toys there & how to sneak snacks like her cousins do.  I'm thankful that when she refuses to sleep in her pack n' play, that I know she slept well snuggled in bed with her Aunt & Uncle....and they are totally used to having their own kiddos "camp-out" with Mommy & Daddy in the middle of the night.  I'm so thankful that because my sister and I talk often, she knew Lucy hadn't been feeling well, was teething, and about what routines we're trying.  She already knew what medicine I had been giving her and what Lucy's current favorite foods are....and even if she hadn't, I'd trust her opinion any day!

While I prefer planned sleepovers as opposed to the impromptu one that occured last night, I'm blessed to get to see that people care about us...and moreso care about my daughter enough to help us out...no questions asked.

That's a blessed feeling.

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