Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still a little girl...

We're quite fond of our little girl with a big personality & we're anxious to see what the new kiddo will be like. Most nights we talk before bed about our concerns & fears of bringing another one into the mix. This timing is God's, not ours, and we are therefore trusting Him to prepare our hearts to parent two little ones.

A few weeks ago my husband so elegantly discussed his fear of "making Lucy grow up too soon." I think he put into words what I've been fearful about & knowing his fear and stance on the issue has been an incredible tool as we discuss how to parent.

I think it's easy to get focused on the fact that there is going to be a new baby in the home & to get so wrapped up in that, that I forget that Lucy is still very much a little one as well. She'll be 20 months when baby arrives & it's my heart's desire to recognize that and treat her like a 20 month old.

I need to respect her development at a 20 month old level...and not force her to "grow up" and "be a big girl." That's probably a big reason why we're not planning to introduce potty training, take away the pacifier, push her out of her crib, etc...

She's not there yet, and even if she was...it would be a waste of our time to train her now (only to have her likely revert back) once baby arrives. (Here's where my college training is paying off at home!)

Of course, I have pretty strong opinions and thoughts about how and when we'll potty train...and I'll be honest, they don't line up with most of society. I can tell you one thing, getting Lucy potty trained is not high on my priority list & I'm not one bit concerned about it. Nor am I concerned about getting her to sleep in a toddler bed just yet...or about taking away her beloved pacifier.

God's grace has equipped me to be ok with those things...(as have some child development theories!)

I won't say I'm excited about having two in diapers...nor is it super convenient to have to borrow a crib to have both kiddos in cribs for a short time. But God's timing is proving to be quite exciting.

So bring on the extra diapers, crib, pacifiers, etc....

We can deal with it.

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