Friday, February 25, 2011

36 weeks...& still here!

Oh I have a blog? It must have slipped my mind in between thoughts of “wait? Was that a real contraction?” & “better get all the bathroom cabinets re-organized before the baby comes…”

36 weeks. (well, in my opinion---there is some slight difference in due dates with my doctor—but their given date is two days later than mine…which doesn’t make a lick of difference.)

So here we are, theoretically 36 weeks pregnant. I’m up 24 pounds this pregnancy—and quite possibly half of that is really the baby. We had an ultrasound several days ago that revealed another big baby on the way (Lucy was 9lbs.) After measuring three times, we were put at a current estimated fetal weight of 7lbs 4 oz & 38 weeks and some odd days---about a month ahead at that point. Measurements were anywhere from 36 weeks and some odd days to 39 weeks and some odd days. Awesome. There’s also the possibility my cervix has further dilated, but we’ll wait for a doctor’s confirmation on that….and because I don’t have a scanner at the moment, here are some photos of our ultrasound photos. Yes, baby is chubby…& extremely squashed inside me. Both factor in to the cankle effect & the round face J

In other news,  I am UNCOMFORTABLE. There is no room left for this child and I have body parts in my ribs, stomach & further down. I wake up several times at night & rest a lot during the day (you know, when you can with a toddler) because I have a lot of contractions…whether or not they are “practice” doesn’t diminish how uncomfortable they seem to be. I’m slowly starting to swell, headaches have returned & I’m physically feeling D.O.N.E---however, I’d prefer baby hang out until the due date---for optimum health.

In the meantime, we are not ready for baby. The cradle, crib, swing, bouncy seat, etc remain to be set up & bags are not packed. I have, however, created detailed packing lists & a last minute checklist.  I’ve been nesting in other ways…like re-organizing our pantry with a shoe organizer we weren’t using, cleaning out my bathroom cabinets & of course washing every article of bedding that goes on our bed. It would be a travesty if baby arrived and I hadn’t washed our comforter J

This weekend we are working on cooking for our freezer.  Mostly meal components this time, with a few full meals ready to go.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it---but I know having a freezer full of food ready to go will be awesome in the next several weeks!

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  1. I was sitting and looking in amazement at your awesome shoe hanger pantry organization when Jeremiah took a peek. He says, "How is she so good at that? If there was a war that broke out, she would outlive us all." :)