Monday, February 28, 2011

BOTW: Frozen veggies and more!

Our Target ran a special promotion this past week of "Buy ANY 7 frozen food items, get a $5 Target giftcard."  We went earlier in the week and purchased 7 bags of frozen veggies at $1/bag and received our first $5 gift card.  We went a few days later and I broke all of the above into three different transactions.  This purchase brought us a few bags of frozen veggies ($1), a few bags of rice + Veggies ($1), one bag of pasta +veggies ($1 something...), a can of frozen fruit juice ($1 something...), 5 frozen pizzas ($1 each), a bag of frozen pineapple ($2), and a large bag of chicken tenders ($6)

All in all this is over $25 worth of food--we brought it all home (after using coupons and my $5 gift card from earlier in the week) for less than $8!

The veggies, fruit & fruit juice are not uncommon purchases for our household--given that my daughter insists on eating mostly veggies and fruit (and nothing else...!)  The pizzas and chicken tenders were add-ons for some quick lunches in the upcoming weeks--and they worked into the sale quite nicely with coupons.

What about YOU?  What bargains did you come across this week?

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