Monday, January 31, 2011

18 month update

My lil' girl is turning into a "big girl" right before our eyes.  At the ripe old age of 18 months old, she's convinced that she knows what she wants & is not above stomping her little feet to make sure we get just how much she wants something.

Fits are usually short-lived around here...mostly because my husband and I are really good at just carrying on as if someone is not throwing a fit behind us because we won't let them chew on the remote. 

But aside from fits, there are some great new things that Lucy's been up to. 

-She's learned how to remove all the couch cushions from the couch...and tries to do this while we are sitting on them.
-She can officially climb up onto the kitchen chairs and subsequently, the table.  (Problem is, our table is my temporary office space..)
-She's giving on the mouth kisses & still blows kisses...but now insists that you kiss her hand to blow her a kiss.  (Even our doctor couldn't get away without kissing Lucy's hand..)
-She still is convinced the baby is in HER belly
-Started saying a few more words, but still mostly babbles and points.
-She's convinced that if I'm talking on the phone, I must be talking to "da-da."  She also likes to put things to her ear and "call" people..."el-o?    el-o?   el-o?"  All.  Day.  Long.
-Recently started to want to be rocked, something she has NEVER let us do.

It's a crazy fun stage.  Full of messes memories.  Lots of tears laughter.



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