Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 focus.

We rang in 2011 with my in-laws this year. I did my best to make it to midnight, and by some miracle I pulled it off. New Years Eve brought news of a failed glucose test (meaning a three-hour one to rule out gestational diabetes is in my near future), failed iron bloodwork (meaning a need for iron supplements....again.), & a headcold. This shouldn't be a huge complaint...but let's face it. Headcolds stink....and when you're pregnant/nursing and medicine options are slim....they just get down right irritating.

That being said, I don't expect any of these short-term ailments to ruin my excitement for 2011.
My husband and I, being the goal-setters that we are, sat down and brainstormed some 2011 mutual goals. I took some time to reflect on what I'd like to see happen personally this year as well.

The key is...well, I'm aiming low. I tend to "overshoot" when it comes to long-term goal-setting and knowing that fact along with the fact that in three short months I'm going to be a mamma to TWO kiddos under the age of TWO...I'm definitely aiming low :)

We're still planning to set monthly goals, but here is where I'm putting my focus in 2011

-Set up and use our craft space. (This is a work in progress as we transform our finished attic area)
-Read 4 books. (Yes, four...aiming low, remember?)
-Take a Mom's Day Out/In twice a month

-Write one article a week for Associated Content
-Produce income from writing hobbies
-Learn to do my own blog design

-Complete the "master to-do list"
-Have a garage sale
-Continue to de-junk/organize
-Create a freezer cooking master list to simplify the process

-Read the Total Money Makeover with Jonathan
-Turn $20 into $200 (more on this later!)
-Save a specified amount over the course of the year
-Bring in enough income to start a debt payoff plan we have researched

As a wife...
-Date night in once a week. (We already sort of do this--but focusing on a much more intentional plan)
-Date night out once every two months
-Work through the 31 days of Praying for your Husband
-Read one Marriage book
-Continue with devotional/prayer time with the Mr.

As a mom...
-Date "day" with Lucy 1/per month
-Finish Lucy's Baby Book with writing
-Start her second year book
-Start baby's baby book :)
-Read one "Mom" book

-Finish Belly Book
-Have Monthly Planning Meeting with Jonathan (for budget, dates, etc...we've done this before and loved it)

There you have not-so-ambitious 2011 Goals! :)

Additionally, there are a few new features I'm working on at rachelonrewind.

In addition to featuring updates on our goal progress, I'm hoping to start some regular features/check-ins, including:
-Bookin' it in 2011 with Life as Mom (Though again, I'm aiming low...four books, remember?)
-Taking some direction from Money Saving Mom, and going to attempt 12 new things myself!
-Monthly Freezer Cooking posts
-"Bargain of the week"--hoping to inspire non-deal seekers & motivate myself!
-"I organized...."--because most of my master to-do list involves areas of our home in desperate need of an organization overhaul--I'm going to attempt a monthly (or bi-weekly) look at what we've organized/how
-updates on our own version of this $20 challenge (more details to come this week!)


  1. I love your goals. I should set some myself. :) Oh....if you want some help organizing that room - I'm your gal...kinda. I'll make you throw everything out. I'm the total opposite of a pack rat - and I'm married to one who has some pack rat tendencies, and Emily Hartter was one (we lived together for 3 years). I can be brutal, but I get the job done. :)

  2. You think your goals are low.... I haven't even begun to think about what I want to accomplish. I'm taking the Scarlett O'Hara approach - I'll think about it tomorrow. ;)

  3. Andrea, I shockingly have become LESS of a pack rat! The problem is finding a home for things we don't use daily, but use enough not to throw out...

    Tif, these are low...considering how high I try and aim sometimes just to set myself up for failure. I like goals...I need goals...I need to have something to check off a list...