Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bargain of the week

A new regular post I want to try out is featuring my favorite "bargain" of the week. I've been out of the coupon game for about a month now (by choice) & have kept my bargains to online deals---which have been plentiful! My goal is to be challenged to get back in the game and re-stock our linen closet and pantry before baby #2 arrives.

Anyways, this week...I could tell you about the great finds I found for baby #2, but that might give away the gender...and we don't want that! Or I could share about the Little People Trash Truck/recycling Truck toy we found at wal-mart for $5 (50% off) that Lucy loves...but that may be gifted to a cousin.

But favorite bargain of the week was found on Saturday. My husband and I bundled Lucy up and went out in the cold for a little New Years Day shopping. Needing a snack, we ventured to our favorite little pretzel place in the mall. After ringing up our two pretzels, water, and a dipping sauce, we had to question them that the price ($3.89) was correct.

Indeed it apparently they were running a "Buy one, get one" free promotion on their pretzels!

My favorite bargain is often the one you don't expect....and when you're pinching pennies and allowing yourself to indulge in a mall food court treat...well, it's quite the little blessing to discover your treat is half off! :)

What about you? Any good bargains this week??

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  1. Good bargains? Yes! Ours was food related too! Due to snow, we travelled early and hit Sonic's happy hour without even thinking about it.
    I think your bargain was better - glad you got to enjoy the treat!