Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bargain of the week: better than free hot chocolate....

So I had a picture of this deal, but it won't imagine a photo of two boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.

Are you imagining it?


Our bargain of the week was those two boxes!  My husband is greatly addicted to hot chocolate right now, and I'm learning to enjoy it just as much!  The boxes were on sale for $1 per box last week.  I had  coupons for $2 off each box.


2 boxes of hot chocolate=$2
MINUS 2/ $2 off coupons= +$2

Yes, our store gave us coupon overage so we were actually paid to take the hot chocolate out of the store!  Well, the overage went towards other items in the purchase, but you get the idea!

What about you?  What good bargains did you find this week?

1 comment:

  1. Wow - I usually buy the $1 boxes at walmart anyway. *sigh* Another great deal I missed out on.
    Glad you got it!

    Our bargain of the week - A sweater at Target 75% off - $3.74 - Elias now has his Christmas sweater for next year (and it even matches Evie's christmas dress for next year that I got for $5).
    $1.25 for a new dump truck thermal tee for Elias.
    $7.50 for a Star Wars shirt and jacket for Evie that will be passed on to the boys
    And a bring-me-home outfit for just $8!
    Gotta love Target clearance....