Monday, January 24, 2011

Seriously, if you aren't buying diapers online....

...well, then I'd have to argue that you aren't getting the most bang for your buck.

I've mentioned before that I am an avid fan of buying our diapers (and now wipes!) online through Amazon's Mom program via their subscribe and save method.  And before you read any further...I'm not receiving anything for my rave review.  I just love saving money & I love this program!

We started this summer when the program first began and were delighted to see our savings add up.  This week I actually took the time to sit down and do some math on Amazon prices vs. Wal-Mart prices for the products we specifically buy & I was SHOCKED to discover just how much we were saving!  I knew we were saving a few bucks, but never imagined that it added up to OVER $150 a year...just on diapers.

Allow me to demonstrate....


We purchase Pampers.  (Note: Amazon offers the subscribe and save deals on Huggies, Luvs, Pull-ups, etc..)

Wal-mart offers size 5 diapers in a 136 count box for $35 (pre-tax).  That works out to .26 per diaper

Amazon offers size 5 diapers in a 156 count box for a base price of $40.88  (pre-tax).  That works out to .26  per diaper

If you sign up for the free Amazon Mom program & opt for the subscribe & save delivery, the price drops to $28.62 , or  .18 per diaper.  (Diapers ship for free through subscribe & save.)  Right there you are saving .08 per diaper, or $12.50 for the entire box!

It gets better!  If you receive Parents, Parenting the Early Years, or Fit may find an additional 20% off your diaper purchase on amazon.  This coupon can be combined with a subscribe & save purchase.  For us, it takes off about $8.00.  Making our total price for a box of 156 size 5 Pampers, to right around $20.62 (give or take).  Bringing the price per diaper down to .13, saving us .13 per diaper (compared to Wal-Mart) or $20 on the entire box!  :)

(Anddddddddd...if you have any Amazon giftcards through Swagbucks,'re really going to save a LOT!)


We purchase Huggies wipes.  (Yes, we love our Pampers diapers...but seriously dislike their wipes...) 

Price per package of refill wipes at Wal-mart is $5.97 (pre-tax).  Assuming each package contains 184 wipes, total for three packages is $17.91 (pre-tax), or .03 per wipe.  (yes, we figure per wipe and per diaper prices so we know what the best deal is!)

Amazon offers Huggies Sensitive Wipes at a base price of $16.53 for a box containing three refills.  Similar to Wal-Mart Price.

If you opt for subscribe & save, that price drops to $11.57 for a box containing three refills, saving us $6.34 over Wal-Mart's price...shipped right to our door for free!!

(again, if you have Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks, this deal gets sweeter!)

Go here to preview items available for Subscribe & Save discounts (there are more, just look around.  I searched for breast milk storage bags and found their prices to be cheaper than Babies R' Us).  Compare your brand's prices to Amazon and see if it might save you money as well!

If it does (which I'm pretty confident you'll find some savings...) Go here to sign up for Amazon Mom (you'll also receive free Prime shipping on other eligibile products).  After your first order arrives (should be about two days.)  You can log in and cancel your subscription, if you'd like.  If not, Amazon will continue to ship your diapers/wipes every X amount of months you selected for their current subscribe & save price.  (We choose to cancel our subscription each time & check to see if there is a better deal when need be.  This also allows us to combine 20% off coupons & giftcards if we have them.)


  1. Love this...I just got 800 pampers wipes (I love the sensitive ones)for 5.90ish. Baby Talk had a 10 off any baby purchase in this months mag...

  2. Oh man...I heard about that coupon, but don't get the magazine! Guess I'll have to settle with 20% off! We loved Pampers wipes until Lucy got older and diapers got messier.... :)

  3. I have been hearing a lot about Amazon Mom. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I will now! thanks for sharing. You are getting some GREAT deals!

  4. Argh, I just lost my first comment, b/c I closed the window before doing the capcha thing. I hate that thing (p.s. I have blogger, no capcha, and almost never get spam comments).

    ANYWAY, I use cloth diapers, but used to buy disposables at Costco. I think you are right that Amazon sub & save is the cheapest, although my friend says Target-brand is the cheapest. I use Amazon Subscribe and Save for lots of other stuff -- like my Biokleen laundry detergent.

  5. Wow! I've heard good things about the Amazon mom program but have never looked into myself. I'm going to go do that right now! :-)

  6. Thanks for commenting ladies---yes, please check out Amazon Mom! It's awesome!

    (Betsy, I had no idea I could even take that capcha out! I'll have to check it out!)

  7. I have definitely been saving on with Amazon in all these ways to buy Pull ups, but I've never checked out the prices for wipes. I will now!