Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 (1/2) weeks....

So as this posts I'll actually be well on my way to 29 weeks....but here is my 28 week belly update!
28 weeks, wow!!!! We are officially 3 months away from meeting our new baby.
(side note: usually that sounds like a very short time considering how quickly this pregnancy has passed, but given the current cold my body is fighting...12 weeks sounds like a long time away!)
I am having Braxton-Hicks ALL. THE. TIME. Thankfully they don't hurt, but man it's such a different experience this time! My husband told me I was starting to waddle, and I'm afraid he's correct :)
We bought a "coming home outfit" for baby this past weekend & after picking up a few items here and there throughout pregnancy & stocking up on amazon diapers we almost have everything on my list of needs before baby! Setting up the nursery will commence in the next few weeks! It's our hope to have all "major" things done by 32ish weeks....
At my 28 week appointment:
-I'm officially up 15 pounds this pregnancy. So excited with that number and expecting it to climb in the coming weeks :)
-Baby's heartrate was 160 (much higher than normal, but also taken after the glucose test)
-FAILED the 1 hour glucose test :( Will be re-scheduling the three hour tolerance test as I am scheduled to do that today and my body is fighting off a cold with such force, I need all the energy (read:food) I can get!
-Iron levels were low and I was instructed to begin a supplement (had the same problem with Lucy)
-Doctor insisted we know where we plan to deliver at the next appointment! :)
The office was so empty last Thursday that I got a chance to talk with our doctor about my concerns with breastfeeding this baby. We did not have a good experience nursing Lucy and I'm fearful this time might be much of the same.
Lucy was jaundice and just did not have the energy to nurse. They brought us a pump to use on Day #2 and started her on formula because she had become dehydrated. From then until 7 months when I "officially" quit we always had to supplement because my supply NEVER established...despite all the supplements, pumping, oatmeal, etc...
I would love to nurse baby #2 (if for nothing else who wants to pay for formula?!?!)---but my husband and I are also preparing ourselves should it not work this time.
Thankfully our doctor is amazingly encouraging and had some good tips/thoughts.
Guess we'll know in 12 weeks what works! :)

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  1. Crazy that it's so close!! We're praying for all your family's health.

    As for nursing - as you know - Evie was a champ, tons of milk, blah blah blah. Elias, not so much. Even with all the extra stuff (like you said, pumping, supplements, I did malts not oatmeal) I never had enough.
    I'm worried about this next one too, however, I offer this encouragement -

    Since both my first two babies were SO different in nursing, it is possible yours will be too. Healthy is what matters, but not having to buy formula? Yeah, I know that would be awesome. We'll add it to our prayers!