Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i (heart) community.


I'm a fan of it.

From hometown communities---to stay-at-home mom communities---to online blog communities---to Christian Community.

I love what the purpose of being in community with others is supposed to bring.  I appreciate the design of community.  I enjoy the relationships developed within community.

Simply stated, I heart community.

My husband and I are blessed to be apart of a Church Community in which we are consistently challenged, encouraged & equipped.  This year, we have jumped into being involved in a small group within our church community.

We gather (married couples) about twice a month in someone's home. 

We joke.
We discuss.
We engage.
We challenge.
We pray.
We encourage.
We learn.

I've always desired to be apart of community like this...where you can share your story & hear someone else's.  Where someone is there to encourage you through the messy parts of life & laugh with you when you share about your daughter getting her hair stuck in her snotty nose...(true story.) 

I haven't always understood God's design for community & why it's so necessary to be apart of it.  I haven't always recognized my need for others to speak into my life, or my need to be able to bear someone else's burdens.  I haven't always recognized that being apart of a smaller community is not about having the "best answers" or "praying the most elaborately."

I'm getting it now.

We are meant to do life together.

We NEED to do life together.

....and that's just what I'm trying to do....

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  1. Smile! I was really excited way back in May to see your name on the list of people who got the email about the community group. Emily had talked about you for months and you sounded super cool. She was right! I'm so glad I'm having the opportunity to get to know you and your adorable fam!