Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 weeks...

wow.  wow.  wow.


We are 10 weeks away from the official due date, 6 weeks away from being full-term!

-I'm having lots of contractions (braxton-hicks I do believe) though they are getting stronger and tighter everyday!

-Had the 3 hour glucose tolerance test last week (assuming I passed since I haven't heard back from the doctor..)  Wasn't horrible---but my arm was sore and I crashed that afternoon!

-Feeling really sore already...bending over is hard to come by---and forget about tying my own shoes...

-working on rocking babies with Lucy (she's finally showing some interest in her baby dolls!)

We have LOTS to finish up the next few weeks before baby arrives.  I'd like to be "ready" with all the big things with a month or so left to wrap up details, rest & treasure our time as a family of just three.

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