Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

A glimpse into our Christmas.....

We saw Santa...and believe it or not, my child did not cry. In fact, it took effort to get Lucy off his lap!

We spent Christmas Eve (day) at home gearing up for the holiday. We headed out in the late afternoon and went to Mass with my family & spent Christmas Eve with them.
Christmas morning Lucy slept in and we all enjoyed some time watching cartoons in Mommy & Daddy's bed. When we finally got up to see what Santa had left it was somewhere around 10am...
Anyways, Lucy was VERY excited about opening gifts this year which made it so much fun! Santa brought her some large legos and a hippo pillow/sleeping bag. We played with toys, ate cinnamon rolls, and spent the day at home relaxing and enjoying the time as a little family.
That afternoon we headed to my cousin's home and spent Christmas night playing games, catching up & eating Christmas dinner.
My in-laws made a trip to see us on New Years & we celebrated Christmas with them. We had the traditional junk food while watching a "Christmas Carol" & we opened presents. The next morning we made a Christmas Dinner & just relaxed!
I'm so thankful for the time we had with family & the time we had at home....a perfect blend!

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