Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bargain of the Week: Cheap Diapers and Wipes!

Retail value for the above (1 box size 5 -156 count Pampers), 3-218 count Huggies Natural Care Wipes Refill packages, 3-184 count Huggies Sensitive Wipe Refill Packages=$75.68 pre-tax.

Amount I paid?

(Savings of $48.83)

My husband and I took advantage of a Living Social deal a week or so ago (no longer available) in which you could purchase a $20 off amazon gift card for only $10!  We purchased one each---(as my husband says, we're just making our money stretch as far as possible!)

The diapers were $40.88 standard price.  I utilized subscribe & Save which dropped the price to $28.62.  I combined that with a 20% off amazon diapers I had gotten out of a magazine which took off an additional $8.  I then used one of our $20 gift cards that we only paid $10 for.  Total additional out of pocket was $ $11.63 total for the diapers.

The wipes were standard $17.40 per 3 refills, or $34.80.  I did two separate transactions and utilized Subscribe & Save, which dropped the price to $12.18 per 3 refills, or $24.36.  I used our second $20 off gift card that we paid $10 for.  Total additional out of pocket was $5.22, so $15.22 for all 6 refills!


Later in the week I stumbled on an even more incredible deal that I emailed over to Money Saving Mom.  I purchased this box of diapers for only .53 out of pocket!!!!
Price was $23.99 to begin with.
I utilized subscribe and save which took off $7.20.
I used a 20% off coupon that was set to expire at the end of the month--took off $4.80
I was able to stack an additional $10 off Amazon Baby Store purchase coupon I had received in a magazine--took off $10
There was also a $1.50 off Pampers coupon that showed up on the page while I was ordering.

Total out of pocket .53 shipped to my door!  :)

Any good bargains you found this week????  Please share!

(Oh, and for more help on buying diapers on Amazon...check out my previous post)


  1. rachel you are sooo lucky! the subscribe and save for me was only 3.60..which was I suppose to choose another option? I'm sorry for all the questions...I'm quiet new to all this :(

  2. You'll need to sign up for Amazon Mom to get the additional 15% off. It's free to do that as well & will give you free shipping on all prime shipping available items! :) Try this link--it should work!

  3. Got a bargain on Friday and immediately thought of you! Went in to Zip Trip with 2 cups to get pop refills. Originally price $1.40 per cup, refill price $1.00/cup. Waited in line 5 minutes, lady at check-out finally looked around the guy paying and said "is that all you have?" I said "yeah, just the refills." She said "You go on home, honey, we don't need to be paid for those."
    2 free 44 ounce pops?! YAY FOR ZIP TRIP ON FRIDAY!!